What a Toothache Could be Telling You

What a Toothache Could be Telling You

Many people experience a toothache of some kind throughout their lives, sometimes it is simply minor pain while other times the pain is more severe. This pain could occur while biting into a hard food or taking a drink of a cold beverage. The pain can be in both the tooth and the gums and it can be random or consistent.

However, a toothache shouldn’t simply be ignored, as it can be telling of additional dental issues. Read on for more about what your toothache could be telling you.

Tooth decay

First, a toothache may be a sign that you are experiencing decaying of a tooth.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, including poor dental hygiene or not receiving your twice-annual dental cleanings. Other risk factors include eating and drinking sugary food and beverages which can cause enamel to wear away.

Cavities present themselves as holes in the teeth and can even reach the roots of the tooth. Cavities should be treated as soon as possible to prevent additional issues.

Filling issues

Another sign a toothache can point to is an issue with your dental filling. Fillings, as you may guess, fill in the decay/hole caused by a cavity and protects your tooth from additional decay.

If a filling becomes damaged, your tooth could ache from the filling’s particles pressing on your tooth. This can also put you at risk of infection.

Additionally, a toothache could indicate a crack in an otherwise healthy tooth. Either situation should be addressed by your dentist right away to prevent further damage.

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