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Redwood Dental ServicesRedwood Dental provides the highest level of dental care, amazing cosmetic dentistry and emergency dental services.

Regular visits to one of our many locations in Metro Detroit are crucial in preventing oral problems like tooth decay and oral cancer.

In addition, early detection has proven to be extremely effective in successfully treating these problems.

With our friendly staff and experienced doctors, you are sure to enjoy your experience at Redwood Dental.

All Aboard For Healthy Smiles!

We offer pain free dentistry, emergency dentistry and cosmetic dentistry with financing available for you you’re your family. Redwood Dental is a full-service locally owned and operated dental firm using the latest dental technology and advanced treatment for a wide variety of services that include:

Redwood Dental provides full-service and pain free dentistry, so now worries about any discomfort or pain. You’ll enjoy the highest level of dental care in Metro Detroit along with a better smile, healthy gums and healthy teeth. You get the latest technology in dental care and emergency dental care. In addition, our full-service dental offices offer you and your family safe and effective Sedation Dentistry. This provides pain free dental service using a local anesthesia under a doctor’s care.

Full-Service Dentistry And Emergency Dental

Redwood Dental ServicesFor your convenience, after regular business hours one of our experienced dentists is on call to answer your specific questions.

If necessary, we will schedule you in as fast as’ humanly possible at one of our many locations; even with very short notice.

In addition, Redwood Dental has expanded exam hours that include earlier mornings later evenings and Saturdays for your convenience.

You and your family are very Important to all of our hard-working team of dental professionals!

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