How Often Should I See the Dentist?


How often should I see the dentist? Should I only go in when there is an issue with my teeth? While there is no specified number of times to see the dentist, you should have at least two dental appointments a year for checkups and teeth cleanings. Read on to determine how often you should visit your family dentist.

Twice-Yearly Checkups

We recommend at least coming in every six months to have your teeth cleaned and examined. Professional teeth cleaning removes plaque and tartar buildup that daily brushing does not cover. The exam that follows allows your dentist to keep track of your oral health. If there is a potential issue, such as a developing cavity, your dentist can catch it at the first sign. This will save you money in treatments, and it will protect your teeth in the future.

Pain, Sensitivity and Discomfort

If you are experiencing pain, sensitivity or discomfort, you may want to schedule an exam. This could be the result of tooth decay, impacted teeth, an infection, or another issue. Seeing the dentist will not only provide relief for the issue, but it will ensure that it does not get any worse. You can get the treatment you need to quickly eliminate the pain and preserve your smile.

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies range from sports-related injuries to car accidents to sudden infections and more. If an emergency occurs, see the dentist as soon as possible. Here at Redwood Dental, we offer same-day appointments at all of our locations, so you can receive emergency dental care when you need it most.

Tooth Repairs or Smile Makeovers

You may decide one day that you want a whiter smile, or you’re ready to replace that tooth you lost years ago. You may have an ongoing cosmetic dentistry plan that you’re working on over time. Whatever the case may be, you will obviously need to see the dentist to get your teeth repaired, whitened, or replaced.

Where Can You Get All of This and More? Here at Redwood Dental…

Whether you need an oral exam, a root canal, a composite filling or a complete smile makeover, you can get it here at Redwood Dental. We offer family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and emergency dentistry in Michigan. We have several locations to serve you, and we work with most insurance programs. Give us a call at (800) 462-2222 to schedule your next dentist appointment.