Reasons to Replace Dental Fillings


Have an old cavity with an equally old filling? It would be great if fillings lasted forever, but unfortunately, that’s usually not the case. This is especially true for older fillings because the materials used to construct them were not as durable as modern-day dental fillings. Here are some reasons to replace old dental fillings, courtesy of Redwood Dental.

The Filling No Longer “Fills” the Space

Fillings are designed to prevent additional tooth decay. They help keep a small cavity from becoming a big one. Over time though, decay can still occur. This may create a new cavity around the filling, which could cause pain or sensitivity. If you get a replacement filling, it will cover the entire cavity and protect your teeth from wear and tear.

The Old Filling Fell out

If your old filling fell out, it is definitely time for a new one. Your enamel is now exposed to rapid tooth decay, so it is important to act quickly. Getting a replacement filling now may help you avoid a root canal or tooth extraction later, saving you time and money along the way.

You Want a Less-Noticeable Filling

Some people get replacement fillings purely for aesthetic reasons. If you have an old metal filling you do not like the look of, you may want to replace it with a composite filling. That will blend seamlessly with your teeth so no one will notice it when you smile. Composite fillings have become a standard in family dentistry over the last decay, and they are more affordable than you may think.

How to Choose the Best Replacement Dental Filling

If you’re getting a new or replacement dental filling, you have several options available to you. You could get a traditional metal filling, or you could get a composite filling that looks like natural tooth enamel. If your tooth decay has progressed, you may need a root canal and/or a dental crown. You may simply need a larger filling or another tooth decay prevention option.

How can you decide which choice is right for you? By talking to your family dentist. He or she will examine your smile and come up with a plan specifically for your teeth. Contact Redwood Dental at (800) 462-2222 to schedule an appointment with a family dentist near you. We have multiple dentist offices in Michigan to serve you, and we work with patients from 1 to 100+.