Painless Dentistry in Metro Detroit

Painless Dentistry in Metro Detroit

It’s no secret that many folks avoid going to the dentist. This can be for a variety of reasons, including lack of time or not having dental insurance. However, some people fear (and avoid) going to the dentist because they believe it will be painful.

Though this fear can be common, it is, nonetheless, unfortunate. When you miss dental appointments or ignore dental issues, you put yourself at risk of even more pain (and money spent!) in the future.

At Redwood Dental of Metro Detroit, we want you to know that going to the dentist can be a pain-free — and even enjoyable — experience!

The root cause of dental fears

Many people believe that the dentist is synonymous with pain, therefore, they have anxiety about going to the dentist. Some folks even suffer with dental phobia, a condition that exceeds normal anxiety about the dentist.

Though these fears are typically irrational, they do stop some people from receiving dental treatment when they truly need it.

Statistics have indicated that up to 15 percent of people don’t go to the dentist because of these fears. As such, many people will simply live with infections in their gums and mouth, severe tooth pain and more…just to avoid the dentist. This is dangerous because dental issues can lead to other, even more serious, health issues.

Your pain-free Southeast Michigan dentist

At Redwood Dental, we specialize in treating all patients — including those who fear the dentist. And our caring staff understands and empathizes with patients who are anxious about receiving dental treatment.

We are cognizant to take every step necessary to help ease our patients’ minds. Our offices offer a compassionate, serene environment from the moment you step foot inside and our staff is particularly mindful of patients who are anxious about their treatment…regardless of age.

We find that the vast majority of patients who fear pain associated with dental treatment often note that the treatment they received was not nearly what they imagined it would be…and share that they are pleased with how little discomfort they experienced. Most times, people envision much more discomfort than what they truly experience.

Our gentle dentists and hygienists use local anesthesia as needed for certain treatments. Further, our staff is highly trained in techniques that offer the least amount of discomfort to patients.

We pride ourselves on listening to our patients before, during and after every treatment and we continuously check in to ensure each patient is feeling their best during treatment. We also take the time to explain each treatment from beginning to end before starting, so that patients know exactly what to expect. Oftentimes, this helps ease the fear of the unknown.

Compassionate dentists who truly care

Redwood Dental is proud to have been a staple in Metro Detroit for over 50 years! We feel privileged to care for the dental health of families in Southeast Michigan, and we take great pride in providing a wonderful experience to each and every patient we see.

Whether you are in need of minor or major dental work, we are equipped to handle any dental issue, all while keeping you comfortable.

As a well-known Southeast Michigan dentist, Redwood Dental’s team of experts are known for treating our patients like family. And because we know your time is valuable, we are pleased to offer dentist offices in the Metro Detroit area…making it convenient for you to get the treatment you need.  

Don’t postpone your dental visit any longer. Contact Redwood Dental today.