Because Dental Emergencies Are Never Convenient

Dental emergencies rarely wait for a convenient time to strike. Perhaps your dental appliance is hurting you or has broken overnight. Or maybe your child got hit in the mouth with a baseball at practice.

When these things happen, the first step is to assess how serious it is. Can medical attention wait till morning?

If so, make an appointment first thing the next day and be sure to tell the receptionist why you need to be seen ASAP. If the problem is severe, you may have to hit the ER or call the emergency line of your trusted dentist in order to adequately solve the problem.

What Constitutes a Major Emergency?

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In the heat of the moment, there may be some confusion as to what constitutes a major emergency dentist visit. The following are considered emergency dental situations:

  • Trauma to the teeth, face or mouth resulting in severe injury
  • Infection or swelling
  • Severe discomfort or pain that cannot be managed

If you experience any of the above, get help as soon as possible. Fractured teeth…lost teeth due to trauma…fever due to infection of teeth and gums…these are all good reasons to get immediate treatment.

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What’s not a Major Emergency?

Emergency Dentists At Redwood DentalMost dental problems are not considered serious enough to warrant an emergency phone call. Sure, they may still be painful or cause irritation. In these cases, though, you should take over the counter medications and apply compresses for comfort until normal business hours. Check out these common dental problems and how you can relieve pain in the home setting:

Brackets and ties that poke: When teeth move, the wires connecting them can start to poke at your cheeks. Use a pencil eraser, cotton swab or tweezers to try and reposition that stubborn wire. If that doesn’t work, use a sterilized nail clipper to cut the end off if possible. You can always use a bit of wax to relieve irritation.

Bands or wires that have become loose: When you eat hard or sticky foods, bands and wires in your mouth can get loosened. A good rule of thumb is to leave it as is if the band or bracket is still attached. If it has snapped off, save the broken piece and call the dental office in the morning.

Tooth pain and loosening: Teeth can get a bit loose during dental treatment, and this is completely normal. However, it can cause tenderness, so try a pain reliever or twice-daily salt-water rinse made up of one teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of warm water. Swish in the mouth for 30 seconds. Use a warm washcloth on the jaw to further relieve discomfort.

Bottom line is, although dental are rare, we here at Redwood Dental are here for you if you truly need our emergency dental services after hours. After all, your comfort is our #1 priority! We have many convenient locations and our main number is (800) 462-2222. Please feel free to call for additional information.

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