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Redwood Dental's Dr. Lindsay Smith, DDS - Holly

Dr. Lindsay Smith, DDS

Lindsay Smith attended MSU where she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology. She then went on to UDM and earned her Doctorate (DDS). Dr. Smith has always enjoyed helping people and using her skills and talents to make people happy and to educate them, as well. Her favorite aspects of dentistry include the variety of patients and procedures; children, geriatric dentistry, surgeries, dentures and cosmetic dentistry. She says she never gets bored as there is always a different situation. Dr. Smith’s hobbies are kayaking, crafting, downhill skiing and long walks with her husband. She and her husband, Jason, were married in 2017 and recently moved to the area of Fenton, MI. Now that they have settled in a bit, along with the assistance of Redwood, Dr. Smith hopes that she can become more involved and volunteer in their community.