Dental Implants From Professional Cosmetic Dentists

Dental implants are special posts that lock crowns and bridges into place. If you need a tooth replacement, a dental implant can help secure your new tooth, even after root damage.

As one of the largest dental groups in Metro Detroit, we provide affordable cosmetic dentistry to save you money on the cost of dental implants.

You can get the precise care you need at a price you can afford. Schedule a free consultation at one of our many locations in the Detroit Metro, and we’ll make sure you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Secure Your Tooth Replacement For Life With A Permanent, Pain-Free Dental Implant From Redwood Dental

Dental Implants From Professional Cosmetic Dentists

Whether you need a single tooth replacement or an entirely new smile, dental implants offer the support you need to lock your new teeth in for good. Here at Redwood Dental, we use the most advanced technology available to provide long-lasting dental implants through pain-free procedures. 95% of patients see tremendous results with the use of dental implants, much higher than those who get crowns and bridges without the extra support. With the help of our talented family dentists, you can…

  • Replace Missing Or Broken Teeth With Permanent Dental Implants
  • Anchor Dental Crowns Or Bridges Through Advanced Titanium Posts
  • Enjoy Pain-Free Dental Implants With Minimal Healing Required
  • Get Up-To-Date Patient Education About The Entire Dental Implant Procedure
  • Save Money On The Cost Of Dental Implants Thanks To The Immense Savings Available At Redwood Dental
  • Support With Dental Implants That Take The Pressure Off Your Gums And Jawbone
  • Swap Out Your Entire Smile With A Set Of New Replacement Teeth Held In By Dental Implants

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How Dental Implants Work – Is Dental Implantation Right For You?

Dental Implants From Redwood Dental Grouop

Most dental implants are small titanium posts that lock into the tooth-supporting bone inside your gums. These posts replace the roots of missing or broken teeth when the roots are no longer strong enough to support a crown or bridge. Dental implants also help prevent deterioration of the tooth-supporting bone they latch onto, protecting your entire smile from future damage. Once the dental implants are installed and healed, they can be capped off with a replacement tooth or bridge.

Are dental implants right for you? That’s something we would love to figure out! During your initial consultation, we will collect digital X-rays of your teeth to assess the state of your oral health. From there, we will help you determine if you need dental implants to hold in your crown or dental bridge. If this is not the right solution for you, we will discuss other cosmetic dentistry services that may be a better fit. All of this happens in a 100% judgement-free environment where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Explore Other Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions To Enhance Your Smile From Every Angle

If dental implants aren’t right for you, there are a number of other cosmetic dentistry services to keep in mind. Our mission is to provide each patient with affordable, high-quality dental care that fits his or her specific needs. During your first consultation, we will go over all of your options in detail so you can select the best one for you. Some of the most popular alternatives to dental implants include:

  • Professional Teeth Whitening Guaranteed To Dramatically Brighten Your Smile With Just One Visit!
  • Affordable Crowns And Dental Bridges Designed To Blend In With Your Existing Smile
  • Color-Matched Dental Bonding Services To Cover Chipped, Cracked, Or Broken Teeth
  • Invisalign Clear Aligners To Straighten Teeth Without Wires
  • Full Dentures And Partial Dentures – We Complete The Painless Tooth Extractions At Our Cosmetic Dental Center
  • Dental Veneers That Reshape And Whiten Your Teeth
  • Complete Smile Makeovers, To Give You The Smile You’ve Always Dreamed Of

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