Dental Emergency? No Insurance? 4 Tips for Affordable Care

Dental Emergency? No Insurance? 4 Tips for Affordable Care

Dental emergencies don’t seem to care that you don’t have dental insurance. They come at all hours of the day or night and have no concern about your financial situation of the moment! However, there are ways to seek affordable dental care if you experience a knocked out tooth or some other trauma. Here are a few tips to stay calm and get the care you need without breaking the bank.

According to the National Association of Dental Plans, about 74 million Americans have no dental coverage. Either they’re going without basic dental care or they’re paying for services out of pocket. This can get very expensive. However, being prepared is the key to keeping your costs low while at the same time getting the emergency treatment you need.

  1. Understand what emergency dental services entail. Not everything constitutes a dental emergency. Only call your dentist’s emergency line if you experience the following:
  • Knocked-out permanent tooth
  • Swelling and aching
  • Injured jaw
  • Bleeding that will not stop

Other issues that are urgent but can wait for normal business hours include lost fillings, broken crowns, damaged retainers, cracked teeth and toothaches.

  1. Try at-home care remedies. First off, remain calm, as anxiety can worsen symptoms. Look around your home for things you can use to alleviate the situation. If you have swelling, use a mixture of salt and warm water to swish your mouth out. Or, you could use a cold compress on the affected area. If you have lost a tooth, pick up the tooth by the crown and not the root, then place in a glass of milk. Get to your dentist as soon as possible to ensure the best chances of re-implantation. If one tooth is painful, floss to remove anything stuck in between. Then rinse with hydrogen peroxide to prevent infection and take an over the counter pain reliever.
  2. Know your options. Look into free or governmental clinics and dental schools near you for free or extremely affordable dental work. Many dental students can perform basic dental work at little to no cost under the supervision of a dentist.
  3. Ask your dentist’s office if they have affordable dental financing or payment plans. Many dentists offer this because they know not all their patients have insurance. You can often make small, affordable payments each month to pay off the entire bill or to supplement your existing dental plan.

Here at Redwood Dental, we offer a variety of financing options. We offer financing through Wells Fargo Health Advantage credit card so you can pay for the treatment in monthly installments. You can easily apply online or set up your account when you’re at the office for your visit. Got an emergency with no dental insurance? Don’t let that prevent you from seeking the medical care you need. Call us at 800-462-2222 now.