Michigan Therapeutic and Cosmetic Botox®


Welcome to the new age in cosmetic and restorative dentistry at Redwood Dental in Livonia, Troy and Woodhaven. We have several Botox® treatment doctors on staff for addressing chronic dental problems and producing amazing visual results when desired. Now you can take advantage of trusted and clinically proven Botox® treatments from Redwood Dental:

  • TMJ Conditions and TMD Problems
  • Relieving Tension Headaches and Reducing Migraines
  • Fixing Bruxism Issues (Teeth Grinding)
  • Relieving Chronic Facial Pain
  • Enjoy a More Youthful Looking Appearance
  • Reversing Signs of Aging and Sagging Skin
  • Soothing or Eliminating Frown Lines
  • and other dental problems and facial cosmetic concerns

Call Redwood Dental today at (734) 425-7010 to schedule your free restorative dental or cosmetic facial Botox® consultation. Our offices are located in Troy, Livonia and Woodhaven; and easily accessible from their surrounding cities.

Fast Relief for Teeth Grinding and Chronic Dental Problems

Bruxism is the dental term referring grinding and/or clenching your teeth. We know that stress and anxiety are the root cause, but treating the symptoms provides immediate relief from discomfort. Without proper dental care and sufficient relief from pain, bruxism oftentimes leads to periodontal disease, severe headaches, and even chronic spinal discomfort. Now you have access to tested and proven Botox® treatment at Redwood Dental.

As an added value our on staff doctors can reduce and eliminate unsightly facial wrinkles, sagging gum tissue and successfully treat dental problems related to the jaw and face. They have treated many patients for facial and joint disorders for years using advanced Botox® treatment; which sometimes is covered by insurance. These disorders can oftentimes be associated with earaches, spine disorders, headaches or migraines, and facial discomfort. Redwood Dental can help…

Proven Results for Dental Related Problems and Adult Aging… Call (734) 425-7010 for Your Free Botox® Consultation

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