5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Safe This Summer 

5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Safe This Summer 

 With the warm weather upon us, it’s natural to want to get outside, enjoy nature, swimming, camping and a number of other outdoor pursuits. However, keeping your teeth safe this summer may be a challenge, especially if you just got teeth whitening treatments or your braces were recently removed. How can you protect them to maintain your brilliant smile? We will tell you how.  

 Use your mouth guard: If you were fitted for a mouth guard as part of your orthodontic treatment, it’s important to use it as directed. Summer poses many more opportunities to hurt your teeth than winter. You’re outside more, you’re playing sports you usually may not play, and you may be taking more risks. Using a customized mouth guard will minimize the risk of sustaining dental injuries that can set back your treatment or cause extensive damage. This is particularly important if you participate in a school or town wide team sport.  

  1. Nix the sports drinks: Because sports drinks contain a lot of sugar – sometimes as much as a soda – cutting them out will help you protect your teeth against the formation of cavities. It’s best to just drink water when you’re dehydrated. Sports drinks are also high in acid, which damages your tooth enamel, not to mention, they can cause staining to those pearly whites you worked so hard to get.  
  2. Hit the dentist before traveling: Prior to heading out on a vacation this summer, try to schedule your regular dental or orthodontic checkup. This will ensure a clean mouth as well as address any issues you may face that could pose a problem while away, such as wires poking your cheeks. It costs far more to visit an emergency dentist while on your trip than it does to just get the OK from your regular dentist. 
  3. Keep up with your oral hygiene routine: It can be tempting to neglect your teeth in the summer. After all, you’re spending a lot of time away from home, you’re eating foods you don’t normally eat such as candy and ice cream, and you may be staying up a lot later at night. It’s important to keep up with your brushing and flossing routine throughout the summer, especially if you have braces. Brush after every meal and floss once at night before bed. Don’t forget to wear your retainer, too. 
  4. Put together an emergency dental care kit: Stock it with anything you will need for an overnight stay, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, wax, ibuprofen and gauze, as well as the contact information for your dentist should you need to ask questions. 

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